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A Career in Travel & Tourism

The travel & tourism industry is expanding worldwide & diversifying rapidly. As more & more people travel for business & leisure , the industry has seen a strong increase in demand for well trained service oriented professionals . The industry need people who can deal with a range of activities & who possess the knowledge , skills & procedures required in travel & tourism sector.
Some of the abilities and traits necessary for a successful career in the tourism industry include: interpersonal skills, communication skills, sales and marketing techniques, empathy, perhaps being multi-lingual, computer literacy, office technology, and a sincere desire to continue learning after formal schooling.
Travel and tourism can be thought of as a manufacturing industry. Components, e.g. hotel rooms, meals, coach or airline seats, are bought and put together by a tour operator to produce holidays. These are sold to the public by retail travel agents, with representatives of the tour operator providing the after sales service to the consumer.

Carriers - seats - Hotels - rooms - Tour Operator - Holidays - Travel Agents - public Caterers - meals. Most jobs in the travel & hospitality industry are challenging, exciting, and satisfying. Because of the 24-hour nature of the business, positions can also be exhausting, stressful, and intense. Travel careers are for individuals who enjoy working with people and welcome daily challenges. The industry is also an avenue for people who love the excitement of travel.

TRAVEL AGENCIES – accounting assistant, accounting supervisor, agency manager, corporate account manager, corporate travel counselor, cruise sales manager, cruise salesperson, customer service agent, database administrator, group agent, group sales manager, leisure travel counselor, leisure travel counselor international, marketing assistant, marketing director, meeting planner, outside sales agent, quality control agent, receptionist, ticket control clerk, and webmaster.

AIRLINES – account executive, accountant, administrative manager, crew scheduler, customer service rep, dispatcher, district sales manager, groups sales support manager, marketing manager, rate desk agent, regional sales manager, reservationist, sales rep, sales support manager, ticket agent, and tour and convention sales manager.

HOSPITALITY – property manager, sales department, accounting, automation, concierge, food and beverage, front desk, group sales coordinator, and reservation clerk.

Employment is usually on a seasonal basis, e.g. from April to September. Most companies stipulate a minimum age of 20/21. Good conversational ability in one or more languages, besides native English, is needed. The work involves close personal contact with people and requires the ability to communicate effectively, patiently and tactfully; sometimes in very difficult circumstances.




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