Team Work & Group Dynamics
   Rapport Building
   Time Management
   Stress Management
   Achieving Goals & Creative Visualizations
   Leadership Skills
   Change Management
   Positive Attitude
   Customer Service
   Customer Care
   Lateral Thinking
   Corporate Etiquette
   Corporate Culture
   Effective Meetings
   E-mail Etiquette
   Telephone Etiquette & Tele-conferencing Skills
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CAREERS JUNCTION providing  u the opportunity of becoming a TALLY CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.

Becoming a Tally Certified Professional will help you advance your career and boost your salary. You can build your credibility as a high quality accounting professional and attract prospective employers from diverse industry segments in the country and outside.

As a Tally trained professional, your knowledge of Tally will take you places. But to be considered and recognised by the industry as a true expert on Tally, you will need to be armed with a competency certificate from Tally. The Tally Certification Programme is a simple and effective way for those trained on Tally to demonstrate their expertise to the business world.

Why get certified?
This certification gives you:

  • Global recognition.
  • Knowledge on the latest updates in the field.
  • The ability to cater to various industries.
  • Specialist status in finance and accounting.
  • Recognition from employees.

Employment Opportunities for Tally Certified Professionals

Today, Tally has over 2 million users in over 90 countries spanning Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and America. In addition, the Tally ecosystem includes authorised and unauthorised learning centres, universities, autonomous colleges, governments, professional bodies and authors of books on Tally. In other words the demand for professionals, who are certified on Tally, is on an increase. As a Tally Certified Professional is now recognised internationally, you have ample opportunity to choose the industry you wish to work in and the place, as these opportunities exist across the world. No matter what you choose, your skills will be greatly valued by your employer.


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