Team Work & Group Dynamics
   Rapport Building
   Time Management
   Stress Management
   Achieving Goals & Creative Visualizations
   Leadership Skills
   Change Management
   Positive Attitude
   Customer Service
   Customer Care
   Lateral Thinking
   Corporate Etiquette
   Corporate Culture
   Effective Meetings
   E-mail Etiquette
   Telephone Etiquette & Tele-conferencing Skills
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Need Guidance ?

Are you discouraged with your work life,
still searching for your ideal career,
or wondering about the next step
… but haven't found the help and advice you need ?


One-to-one life/career planning sessions create a safe time out for you to reconnect with your dreams and what it is that life is calling you forward to do and... to become. Ask our experts. They will help you identify your strengths and suggest specializations which would suit you best. This is not an onerous process but a fun and interactive way to gain a lot of self-awareness and clarity for your life/career direction.

Choosing a Career in 4 steps
Your know your skills. Your values, interests, personality traits, preferred work environment, desired people, interactions, talents, and career development needs all need to be decided by you and we believe that doing this will help you to decide on where you can fit in into our organization

Generate career options
Through discussions with peers, with teachers, with friends from the industry, and following the trends in particular, you can identify career options for you to consider. Within an organization like Scope, ere are so many places which you can consider.

Explore career options
Once you have generated your career options, the next step is to explore your choices. This is one of the most important steps in this process. All the options that you have in hand need to be carefully evaluated and then the one that excites you the most can be chosen.

Set goals and take action
Now, set goals for yourself and then take action to pursue those goals. After the 3 steps above, you may decide to seek further education, enhance your skills or prepare for the job that you have chosen based on your skills and choice. What is the next thing to do? Writing your resume, and practicing and preparing for interviews !

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