Team Work & Group Dynamics
   Rapport Building
   Time Management
   Stress Management
   Achieving Goals & Creative Visualizations
   Leadership Skills
   Change Management
   Positive Attitude
   Customer Service
   Customer Care
   Lateral Thinking
   Corporate Etiquette
   Corporate Culture
   Effective Meetings
   E-mail Etiquette
   Telephone Etiquette & Tele-conferencing Skills
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Personality Development Program for Corporate Executives, Students and Housewives
The workshop will be based on the principles of experiential learning. Our workshops weave role-playing, interactive group activities, hands-on experiences, simulation activities, group discussions, visual aids, games, and quiz. The aim is to address problems, challenges and real-life situations with practical and concrete solutions. Our activities are designed to make learning easier for the participants by fostering interaction. They stimulate creative thinking, illustrate new concepts and challenge basic assumptions.
1. Welcome & Introduction to Personality Development
2. Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
3. Communication Skills
4. Interview Techniques
5. Group Discussions
6. Extempore Speaking
7. Public Speaking
8. Body Language
9. The Art of Polite Conversation
10. Social Graces and Proper E-mail and Telephone Etiquette
11. Dress Sense and Dress Codes
12. The Art of Fine Dining
13. Pronunciation, Diction and Enunciation
14. Social Graces
15. Corporate Image
16. Grooming and Demeanor
17. Posture and Deportment
18. Voice Modulation
19. Students Image Makeover
20. Before and after photo      

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