Team Work & Group Dynamics
   Rapport Building
   Time Management
   Stress Management
   Achieving Goals & Creative Visualizations
   Leadership Skills
   Change Management
   Positive Attitude
   Customer Service
   Customer Care
   Lateral Thinking
   Corporate Etiquette
   Corporate Culture
   Effective Meetings
   E-mail Etiquette
   Telephone Etiquette & Tele-conferencing Skills
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In many ways, these programs serve as a “finishing school” for young graduates who are starting their industry careers.
Proficiency in communication and soft skills is key to business as well as social success in today's environment. The service sector including industries such as Banking, Retail, Telecom, BPO, IT, Insurance is driving the growth of economy and creating the most employment opportunities. In this scenario, degrees, formal education and technical knowledge is not sufficient to succeed and grow.
Keeping the need of industry and the opportunities for employment in mind, Careers Junction offers a range of programs for students, professionals and individuals keen to upgrade their skill to succeed professionally and socially. All the program are based on globally benchmarked and proven content and methodology. They are developed in collaboration with leading international training and education organizations and Indian industry players

You learn how to :

  • Prepare a course summary of your experience / background relevant for the job you are applying for
  • Convince the prospective employer to contact you
  • Showcase your value and expertise by incorporating impressive achievements that broadcast 'hire me!!' to the recruiter or employer
  • Highlight value-added wins to support you throughout the interviewing process
  • Bring to the fore results and accomplishments that will allow you to boost your position and worth during salary negotiation
  • Present yourself as the most suitable candidate at the interview
  • Evaluate yourself in terms of your strengths, and how you could translate these strengths into skills your prospective employer can use
  • Convince the employer that you can make a valuable contribution to the organization
  • Practice role-playing before the interview
  • Dress for a job interview
  • Set the tone and pitch of your voice communication
  • Come across as strong, yet approachable, put together and ready for anything
  • Have a positive attitude



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