Team Work & Group Dynamics
   Rapport Building
   Time Management
   Stress Management
   Achieving Goals & Creative Visualizations
   Leadership Skills
   Change Management
   Positive Attitude
   Customer Service
   Customer Care
   Lateral Thinking
   Corporate Etiquette
   Corporate Culture
   Effective Meetings
   E-mail Etiquette
   Telephone Etiquette & Tele-conferencing Skills
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  • Our mission is to become the best preferred partner to train and recruit aspiring, attrition free candidates with the required technical skills and soft skills.
  • To ensure employability through career guidance & training for each potential candidate.







Business today has become intensely competitive and demanding. It is a transformation driven by technology where customer is the king and calls all the shots. Hence in such a challenging situation , individual and organizational performance is the key word. The challenge now is to achieve more Business with the same amount of time and resources. The need to maximize time and efforts has given rise to the need learn and learning to learn on the go.

Careers Junction can create this powerful dynamic in your organization. As corporate align their human resources to their business goals;

  1. We understand this and design our trainings as per the demands ad priorities
  2. We can help you clarify strategy, identify gaps in the current skills, attitudes and behaviors of your employees
  3. We provide the consulting and training that closes those gaps
  4. Provide training solutions to corporate clients across all domains (verticals & across levels)
  5. In house Content Development Team
  6. Majority of business is repeat business from existing clients

Also provide HR solutions & Staffing services.






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